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AECI is a specialty product and services group of companies that provides value-adding solutions to customers through science, technology and industry knowledge.

A cluster of specialty chemicals business units forms part of its stable of core businesses, all of which serve global and regional markets.

These 15 business units, including Chemical Initiatives, supply specialty chemicals, raw materials and related services for industrial use in the manufacturing sector. More specifically, Chemical Initiatives is a subsidiary of AECI, which is listed on the JSE.

Umbogintwini Plant
Situated south of Durban, South Africa, the Umbogintwini Plant is the production centre of Chemical Initiatives®’ business and the home of South African sulphuric acid production since 1908. The plant, which has a nameplate capacity of 500 tons of sulphuric acid per day, is a double-absorption four-pass convertor plant. This plant is also configured into integrated production plants that allow it to produce high-quality sulphur trioxide, sulphur dioxide, aluminium sulphate, plant nutrient sulphur and oleum.

The current Umbogintwini facility is committed to the highest standards on operations, emissions and the environment and is proud to have ISO 9002 / 2000, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 accreditations.

To achieve its mission, Chemical Initiatives prioritises safety, service and integrity. To begin with, the company believes that all occupational illnesses and injuries are preventable and will not deliver hazardous products nor operate in unsafe or substandard installations. It is the responsibility of each Chemical Initiatives employee to make safety his or her number one priority.

Service & Integrity
Service is defined by the fact that customers are the foundation for the company’s success. Chemical Initiatives focuses on customers’ needs, strives to exceed their expectations and communicates honestly at all times, treating employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders ethically and with integrity.

Chemical Initiatives’ unique strength in industrial chemicals is its knowledge of the marketplace and its ability to respond to the constant state of flux with consistent supply and demand. This is based on the company’s knowledge of the various supply sources, storage facilities, customer usage patterns, logistics and diverse personalities at play in the industrial chemicals sector.

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