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Newsflash! Ecologika secures an agency from Microbial Solutions

posted 7 October 2013

Ecologika is proud to announce the tie up with Microbial Solutions for an agency of its extensive range of microbial, microbial stimulants and organic carbon products.  These products complement our existing range of Tiger sulphur and trace element crop nutrients and reinforces our commitment to building healthy crops from the soil up.  

Microbial Solutions has the proud reputation of being a pioneer in the field of introducing biological products into the agricultural market dating back to 1995.  Without a doubt they are leaders in the market in terms of product application, quality and concentration.  The product range not only allows us to add microbes to the soil, but we can add life to the soil through the addition of microbe food and organic carbon.

 “This agreement has been a long time in the making”, says Lawrence Jansen van Rensburg, Business Director of Ecologika, “and is the natural outcome of the common vision both companies have to the challenges facing agriculture today and into the future. Building healthy soils and encouraging microbial diversity holds great benefits for improving fertiliser efficiencies and producing nutrient dense food. We strongly believe that this synergy around nutrition is the next frontier for agriculture and for global food security. ”

Graham Limerick, MD of Microbial Solutions adds, “We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to join forces with Ecologika in their marketing drive into the South African agricultural industry. Microbial Solutions shares Ecologika’s vision of healthier soils leading to improved yields and nutrient-rich produce. We feel that together we can achieve so much more to the benefit of all.”

The Microbial Solutions products cover both dry land and irrigated crops, annual and permanent crops and can be applied to every field. Visit the Microbial Solutions section of our website to view the products and applications. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will gladly show you the potential benefits of combining a crop nutrition and biological programme for your crop.


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