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Under the Tiger-Sul brand, Ecologika® offers a range of controlled release sulphur based fertilisers. Each fertiliser particle is a half pea size pastille containing elemental sulphur and a clay. What makes the product unique is its ability to release nutrients to the plant all season long, whilst unlocking other essential nutrients in the soil, such as calcium, making it available for plant uptake.

In the soil, the addition of water causes the clay in each Tiger prill to swell, forming tiny particles of elemental sulphur.

These micro-fine sulphur particles are a food source for a specific soil micro-organism, Thiobacilli, which converts the sulphur into the sulphate form, making it available for plant uptake in a controlled manner. This process reduces the pH in the root zone which has the beneficial effect of unlocking other micronutrients present in the soil.

Why is sulphur important?
Sulphur is classified as the fourth macro-nutrient required by plants. Sulphur is not mobile in the plant and hence must be available throughout the growing season. Symptoms of sulphur deficiency include yellowing of new leaves and stunted leaf growth due to the degradation of the growth hormone auxin.

The role of sulphur in the nutrition cycle includes:
  • It is a key component for the synthesis of amino acids required to build quality and complete protein
  • Synthesis of sulfolipids in chloroplast membranes required for chlorophyll formation
  • Part of an enzyme which is used in metabolising nitrates, preventing the build of nitrates in the foliage which may be detrimental to animal health.
Sulphur has the benefit of enhancing the condition of the soil, including:
  • Loosens and aerates the soil by removing excess magnesium
  • Solubilises calcium which can displace sodium ions from cation exchange sites in sodic soils
  • Lowers soil pH, making micronutrients more available in the root zone
  • Makes soil nitrogen available
  • Assists in retaining humus in the soil, by balancing the C:N:S ratios thereby preventing excessive decomposition of organic matter by soil microbes. As a rule of thumb, 1 kg of sulphur in the soil can fix up to 100 kg of humus.

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